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  1. Transparent pricing: we are 100% transparent with our prices. No need to waste time and energy negotiating every trade, you always get consistent competitive quotes.
  2. Service excellence: delivered through a complementary blend of experienced foreign exchange brokers and online platform.
  3. Superior technology: to deliver on the promise of simple, cost effective, and customer friendly foreign exchange and international payments services.
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  • FX Capital Group Launches FX2.0

    FX2.0 is a new type of currency brokerage - transparent pricing, consistent pricing and fair pricing.

    You see what you save and you see what we make.

    FX2.0 saves customers money and time

  • FX Capital Group launches FX2.0

    FX2.0 tools and technology empower clients to see their true cost of currency.

    No market myths like "commission free", "better than bank pricing" and "no payment fees"

    FX2.0 Empowers the Customer

  • FX Capital Group Launches FX2.0

    FX 2.0 trade execution is automated, 100% independent and un-biased.

    No "trading book" skewing your prices or "dealer" trying to take an "extra pip"

    With FX2.0 you know you get a fair price

  • FX Capital Group Launches FX2.0

    FX2.0 is connected to more FX liquidity than you find at other brokers.

    Access to institutional FX liquidity means better pricing for our customers.

    FX2.0 will save you money

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